Our Classes

Our classes are small and follow a training format that is based on practical application, not traditions and ceremonial procedures.  “What you train today, you can use today” is the basis of instruction here. We follow a 4 phase process in training. In the first phase students are taught basic footwork, blade work, open hand strikes and Chi Sao. In the second phase of training the student will incorporate more power and timing with multiple types of footwork and kicks to further sharpen their physical abilities and understanding of the practical applications of Wing Chun along with defenses against basic blade work learned in phase 1. In phase three the student will operate reflexively using prior skills in more realistic scenarios that focus on survival with and without weapons. 

With practicality and simplicity being the standards, we focus on training and only require attendance and a modest standard monthly fee. We have removed superfluous trappings that take away from actual training. We seek to minimize our time, energy, and movements to maximize our ability to deal with an actual altercation. We train to utilize methods that others would call “dirty” or “illegal” blows or tactics that quickly disable the attacker and allow for your escape including the use of edged, impact and improvised weapons. For this reason, we are a not a competitive or sport oriented school. 


We are currently accepting new students. Space is limited.
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