I, Sifu Miguel Quijano, hereby attest that Sifu Dustan Carroll is highly competent instructor and master in the art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu. I have personally touched hands with him, have seen him demonstrate all of the forms of the system (empty hands and weapons, including the wooden dummy). He is very methodical and detail oriented teacher and I highly recommend people to train with him. I don’t always endorse people, but I am very proud to endorse Sifu Dustan Carroll, who I also consider a true brother in the arts. If anyone has any questions what so ever, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.
-Sifu Miguel Quijano, Muay Thai Champion (3 times in Thailand), U.S. Army Special Forces Group member, Law Enforcement (Oakland, CA), Executive Protection Specialist, Wing Chun Master (of two lineages), Combat Veteran
miguel q
miguel quijano
All who train with Sifu Dustan Carroll already know that which I am stating here, so this is for those who may read this post who have been considering contacting Sifu Carroll to inquire about becoming a student. Sifu Dustan Carroll is a man of integrity, wisdom, knowledge and skill. I have been fortunate to be able to call him Friend! If you are in his area, and looking for quality Wing Chun…Look no further! SifuCarroll’s Wing Chun is the OLD Duncan Leung Wing Chun. Sifu Carroll is a very talented Wing Chun man. I trained with Duncan Leung from 1979 – 1984, and had the opportunity to train side by side with Dave Meadows, Dustan’s SiGung and Doc Savage, Dustan’s Sifu. I can attest that that family’s DNA flows through his Wing Chun. Dustan is built like Dave Meadows, and moves quite a bit like him! It brought back some great memories seeing their Wing Chun. I highly recommend Sifu Carroll to anyone wanting to learn some Real World Wing Chun application!
 Sifu Tony Massengill
Law Enforcement, Emergency Responder, Wing Chun Sifu with multiple books and videos on the market
Tony Massengill
I got to work with Dustan Carroll tonight, an awesome guy with a great approach to wing chun and fighting! Knowledgeable, keeps it simple and easy to digest. A really down to earth guy who invited me to share a delicious meal with him as well! Thank you and really appreciate the opportunity to learn from and train with you!
P.Guan, Duncan Leung Wing Chun lineage, Active Military

 SiFu Carroll’s professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched in the world of security and tactics. I have worked security around the world, both private sector and military, and I have no reservations recommending SiFu Dustan Carroll.

-Jeffrey Anderson, Ph.D. Ma. D. Sc.
Owner of A3 Tactical, Law Enforcement, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Combat Veteran
Jeff Anderson with Matt Damon
I have over 15 years as a military instructor both active duty and civilian. I will state that in my twenty years in the military I’ve not seen more affective training techniques than I have from SiFu Carroll. He is a professional’s professional both in the material he teaches and in the teaching methods and techniques he uses to impart the information.
-Dana, Military Instructor, Combat Veteran
I am a police officer assigned to the patrol division and a full member of a major Birmingham area county SWAT team. I have been a dedicated martial artist for the last 11 years studying Aikido, Okinawan Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Kobudo, and Iaido. I am also a police defensive tactics instructor for my department.  I do not mince words when I say this. What  I’ve learned(and felt) at the hands of SiFu Carroll has floored me. This is real. I thought I was capable before but in the last few months I have found more gaps in my previous training that I’d like to admit. Gaps that a skilled and trained attacker would use to leave me severly injured or worse. This is real life training where you won’t find pulled punches or flashy techniques. You want a pat on the back and an ego boost? Then go to any number of the Tae Kwon Do belt factories in your area. You want to learn real, non-sport oriented self defense that you can use to quickly disable a determined aggressor? Then you come and visit SiFu Carroll. Size and strength being necessary in a confrontation is a myth. The Wing Chun that SiFu teaches is a complex yet absorbable art that allows you to learn how to efficiently use your body as weapon. I drive from Birmingham to Huntsville 2 hours each way as many Saturdays a month as I possibly can. If the Wing Chun that SiFu Carroll teaches was not real, practical, and absolutely effective then I would not be content to waste my time driving that distance. Do yourself a favor and do a gut check. While you’re at it, forget what you think you know about effective self defense. If you are ready to learn, and you understand that this learning may involve a little pain and a lot of hard work as you expand yourself, then drive however far you have to drive to see SiFu Carroll. You won’t regret it.
Law enforcement, SWAT Team member,  U.S. Marshals Fugitive Apprehension Detail, Cage Kicker

Top Down Advanced Defensive Training

I have been here for over a year and and the classes are in-depth and very practical. We have learned Knife and open hand training simultaneously. Basic Structure/Forms and the more advanced application training that will save your life in a modern defensive situation. I would recommend this training class to all in the Northern Alabama and Central Tennessee area. I personally drive two hours each way to the classes two times a week and it is well worth the trek. Alabama Wing Chun is the only place to be in the Rocket City area for Wing Chun.

-J.W. -Marine, Force Recon, Veteran


I am a former military operator with over 20 plus years which has included that much time with hand to hand combat. With everything I have done, I felt confident about being able to handle myself.

I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Carroll at a Wing Chun Boxing workshop over a weekend. After the workshop, I was asked one question by my friend. (My friend knows my background and how I would take on anyone, and I mean anyone up to attending this workshop) My friend asked me if I would fight Mr. Carroll in my prime condition. I didn’t even have to think about my answer for his question. I simply said “No.” After attending the seminar I came away with a lot of respect for Wing Chun and the instructor. Mr. Carroll knows his art and how to apply it. If you want to know real world fighting applications seek this man out.

-Barry , Military Operator, Combat Veteran, MAC V SOG


(1) Hello SiFu Carroll;

Thirty three years ago (1977) I witnessed the most incredible effortless art of Wing Chun directly from Duncan (Leung)- and for thirty three years it has hounded my mind. In these last three decades, I have never encountered anyone who truly understood and displayed the art the way I experienced it. Until now. It has been an honor for me to meet and be associated with someone that actually knows the art of Wing Chun as I witnessed it so long ago. It really is quite amazing as I consider it almost a lost art.
In some ways it is very selfish on my part as I finally see an opportunity to obtain the priceless knowledge that I sought as a youth.  Someday maybe you would consider me for individual classes. I would not be your typical student as I am not interested in “carrying on” the Wing Chun art, opening my own studio, or competing and representing your school in tournaments, etc.. those days are past for me. For me it is like a famous painting. All others may see the painting and admire it in its finished form, but I actually have a chance to witness the master paint the picture from a clean canvas. Would you rather look upon the Mona Lisa or have the opportunity to actually watch Leonardo da Vinci paint it?
Take care.
-Mike,Former student of Duncan Leung, Boxing Coach

Best School-Best Instructor-Best Wing Chun in Alabama

If you’re looking for a fun, family oriented school of self-defense where strength and size do not matter and where expert instruction is the norm, then Wing Chun Boxing Academy with Sifu Carroll is where you need to be!!!

Sifu Carroll has over 10 years experience teaching authentic, traditional Duncan Leung lineage- Yip Man Wing Chun. He is a Master Instructor who will not only teach you but inspire you to go beyond your own self-limitations. His Wing Chun is direct, efficient, no holds barred scientific street fighting with techniques which leave nothing to chance. All students regardless of level of training are taught open hand and weapon based self-defense derived from ALL OF THE FORMS including basic and advanced footwork. Age, gender, and level of physical fitness are not barriers to effective training and mastery of Wing Chun. Sifu Carroll will ensure your success!

-GD, Veteran martial artist


 (2) Hello Dustan….

I thought I would let the dust settle before I would post on your site, as I think I have a little insight to shed from an old life past.

In the summer years of ’76, ’77 I lived in Norfolk, VA. In those years as a youth and into college I trained in traditional western boxing. During those summers I had a friend who trained in Wing Chun in Virginia Beach, he had trained in other arts before Wing Chun and was an incredible boxer. Many a summers nights I would accompany him to Virginia Beach to a small gym located in a strip mall. The instructor (SiFu in your world) was Duncan Leung. We would spar often in his gym with his students and himself. At that time there was not a great number of students and only one who was at an advanced level. We as boxers could sense those that were “getting it” and had an innate sense of Wing Chun. I couldn’t tell you what that was in terms of Wing Chun terminology or form or whatever, but it was obvious to us during those sparing sessions.

I happened to read about your Wing Chun boxing school and was curious to see after 35 years removed if the art survived in the form that I experienced it. It is interesting after all those years, after just a few minutes one on one with you I saw that “connection” that I had seen a long time ago. There is something about true Wing Chun that is balance that is rooted from the ground up, the angles are always inside. It is hard for someone that is not trained in the terminology or movements of Wing Chun to explain it. I can’t. I know that I understand the feeling of trying to pick my way around it, through it, etc.

I don’t know much about the issue of lineage, teachers, methods of Wing Chun over the 35 years, nor do I really care, I leave that to those who follow those things. But I can say this your mastery of Wing Chun is as close to Duncan as I have seen. He was a leaner, slighter built man than you. He had no up front intimidation factor – and the tendency was to try to crowd him in because of his size, a mistake, but that is really the only difference. That frustrating sense of balance, the angles that are cut off straight ahead, always being forced to go outside the lines you want to attack on, etc, its all the same and exists at the level that it is a 6th sense and not an exercise.

I hope your students realize what a rare and unique opportunity they have. 

3 July 2014

-Mike F., Former Student of Duncan Leung, Boxing Coach


When I contacted SiFu Carroll to come down and train, I had obtained proficiencies in Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, and I thought Wing Chun. I had started my Wing Chun training while serving in the US Army and began seeing my flaws in my other styles. When I came down and began with SiFu Carroll I quickly found that there were flaws in my Wing Chun training as well. He then began educating me in the flaws I had in my training and I began correcting them. SiFu Carroll isn’t one of those instructors’ who just watches the class but is constantly helping novice students intermediate and advanced as needed. He has no problem touching hands with anyone to let you feel the technique. While training in my other arts I felt like all I had in my toolbox was a hammer and while it is a good tool it doesn’t work that well when you need a screwdriver. In Wing Chun you don’t have a million techniques and steps that are flashy but instead you get real principles and knowledge behind the principles.In my other styles I was told you can use the term “what if” all day long yet Wing Chun is truly a What If system! The fight is constantly changing and this is the only style I have ever seen that truly changes within the fight. On a last note, I have seen many instructors who use Christianity as a sells pitch and was shocked however SiFu Carroll is not that type of instructor. SiFu Carroll will gladly talk with anyone about his faith and lives by the Word. If you are looking for an effective martial art than look no further than The Wing Chun Boxing Academy with SiFu Carroll.

-Rick, Military Police, Military Contractor, Martial Arts Instructor, Combat Veteran, Active Military


I would like all of my fellow BeArded WARRIORs to check out Dustan Carroll and the Wing Chun Boxing Academy. I am a combat veteran with PTSD and this class has helped me focus and work through my anxiety and depression. I wish I could put it into words how much it has helped me personally with my struggle with everyday life and gave me something to look forward too for the week. So Veterans that miss the high intensity training environment and want to further some combative comradery, check out and focus on training your body and mind to continue to gain more tools to combat everyday life here back in the States!
-Josh A., Combat Veteran



Living in fear is not living at all. To all the women out there young or old, The Wing Chun Boxing Academy is where you need to be. Having gone through domestic violence in the past, I’m am now more equipped in defending myself. Don’t be afraid, be prepared. Wing Chun for life.

-L. Christian, Female Student, RN


The class is way better than the website described it. I couldn’t believe how helpful everyone was and how what I learned today could be used right away.

-Female Student


I don’t know if what I have learned is supposed to be the “old ways” or not. One could be told this, have one believe it, and be fooled. All I care about is consistency and effectiveness. SiFu Carroll has demonstrated both of those things. That’s part of what makes him a great teacher in my eyes.

-Scott , College Student


I had been looking for a practical and effective defense method I could begin to use in a short period of time and everything I read about Wing Chun seemed to meet my criteria. When I contacted Sifu Dustan Carroll, my anxiety about starting a martial art as an adult was immediately alleviated. From the first class, I learned a defensive skill that, with practice, I could actually use in a real life situation. I was pleased with the willingness of not only the instructor, but also the students to help me understand the drills. Everyone was friendly and personable and the class, while overwhelming at times, was also fun. Needless to say, I was hooked from the first day. It has now been almost a year since I started and I have learned so much. I now feel more confident in my ability to defend myself if needed. I have also benefited tremendously from the vast experience and varied backgrounds of the other students. My experience with the Wing Chun Boxing Academy has not only exceeded the expectations I had when I started, but it has also become an addiction that must be fed weekly!

-Female Student, Fire Arms Instructor


I think I should start with a little background. I started training martial arts at the age of 13. I started training in a family style of Filipino Kuntao. The term Wing Chun was talked about by my teacher. He stated that our art was influenced by Wing Chun in some ways. Years later I studied JKD. From my research I found that Bruce Lee studied Wing Chun. After a while I had become very disillusioned with my teachers claims. So I went looking for a Sifu of this art, Wing Chun, that I kept hearing about.  I found a very prominent Sifu, Chinese man, teaching in the south. I became a private student and at one point during my training we discussed me moving in with him so as to be closer. Circumstances in his family life did not allow this to happen. Through training with him I studied Kali, Silat, Jun Fan Gung Fu, JKD, Savate and Muay Thai. Several times I asked to see Wing Chun men sparring and or fight training. I was told that “we do not fight with just Wing Chun we have several other arts in out tool box”. I started questioning why he added all of these other arts. I was told that basically Wing Chun men lack power. Muay Thai was added for power and fighting ability. Kali was added for weapons training. Wing Chun was used for the sensitivity training.   At one point in may MA Career I was asked to be the Alabama Representative for the three “Godfathers” of Martial Arts.  Feelings were hurt and  things happened. So ended my training at this time.  I moved away from looking for Wing Chun due to it “Not” being a complete fighting art, as I was told. Before I gave up I looked for clips of Wing Chun fighters fighting in the ring or out and found nothing. Most every clip or article I found was a Wing Chun man defending his art and defending why they were still doing it.  I moved away and studied Malaysian and Indonesian arts for the next 20 years. I always had a love for Wing Chun in my soul.  I had moved to the west coast for almost 10 years. I moved back to Alabama and heard about a Wing Chun Sifu in North Alabama. I thought I would try one more time to search out the illusive “Fight Style Wing Chun”. I contacted Sifu Carroll and we talked for a while and he told me to come watch a class. I watched the class and did not see everyone doing chi-sau. I did not see the uncomfortable toes almost touching stances. I did see real  fighting moves and a Real Sifu.  I asked Sifu about chi-sau, the “ultimate test”, of a Wing Chun’s man ability. He said the same thing his teacher said to him. “Why would or should I show you chi-sau if you can’t  defend yourself yet”. Sifu Carroll discussed that his lineage of Wing Chun was out of Sifu Duncan Leung. I had never heard this name. I did my own research and what little info I found was that he was a Sifu of Fighting Wing Chun. I also researched Sifu Carroll background and his linege. These men were known as True Fighting Wing Chun Men. The real thing.. Men who actually fought with their art.  After all of these years I found what I started looking for about 30 years ago. Sifu Carroll’s ability to demonstrate and teach the art is awesome. What you see is what you get. No secret moves no hidden techniques. Just real Wing Chun that you can defend your life with or the life of you loved ones. I was honored to be accepted as one of his students. In my line of work, I depend on a skill that will quickly allow me to subdue a suspect with the least amount of effort. The techniques I have been taught/shown by Sifu Carroll will do just that. If you are in Law Enforcement or Asset Protection, the skills taught here will save your life. Skills that will not take a life time to become applicable.

– Bob, Martial Arts Instructor, Law Enforcement, Theft Prevention 


I have trained with Sifu Dustan Carroll many times at his dojo. I have been in martial arts for over 52 years and had the pleasure of being a martial arts inductee for two martial arts hall of fames. I am honored and humbled by that. I have seen and have trained with MMA athletes and competitors in California and martial artist from around the world. Being retired now from competition and Law Enforcement, I would like to congratulate Sifu Dustan Carroll for his disciplined school. I am all about discipline and into many martial arts discipline. I came in there not knowing what to expect. Myself and one of my boxing and martial students attended his class about two years ago. What I saw Sifu Carroll demonstrate was remarkable. I have many friends in the MMA field. I know several like Don Frye, Mark Hall, and others. I use to see Dan Henderson quite a bit in California working as a police officer. There are MMA fighters here in Alabama and many also know Sifu Carroll. We are all impressed with his style and fighting form. He showed us his handcuffing techniques. He showed my martial arts friends in California, during his induction into several martial arts hall of fames, his style of Wing Chun. They were also impressed. I attacked him in class with a shoot and he was so elusive I couldn’t believe what I saw. We tried boxing and Japanese and Korean martial arts at him and yet he was able to defend and attack us without a problem. Sifu Carroll has taught military and police personnel and they all have the utmost respect for him as well. I have seen and been with many martial artist in my life including, Chuck Norris, Eric Lee, and others, along with many MMA fighters, and many of us are all impressed with Sifu Carroll’s techniques and methods. His class is so disciplined and so skilled. Kudos to Sifu Dustan Carroll for being an outstanding and extraordinary martial artist.

This is the one guy I would take to battle with me and I’m sure he feels the same about me. He is a Sifu Wing Chun (Master) here in Alabama. He is the closest I have seen to the actually Ip Man (Bruce Lee’s teacher). Even the Police won’t try to physically arrest him if they had to. They say they would call him and ask him to turn himself in. He is quick, powerful, and very skilled in Wing Chun.

When I first took his class I was completely amazed at his teaching methods and his well disciplined students. I have about 52 years of martial arts training, several black belts, including a 6th dan in Shorin Kung Fu, 5th dan in Tang Soo Karate, and mastered other martial arts disciplines. I have been inducted into two martial arts hall of fame, and received my PH.D. in martial arts philosophy. Yet while taking his Wing Chun classes I felt like a rookie.The fluidity of which Sifu Carroll taught his students was amazingly graceful. I thought I was watching Ip Man. He is the closest I have seen in any fighter to legendary icon who was Bruce Lee’s Sifu. Sifu Carroll is under the lineage of Duncan Leung, Dave Meadows, and others who  were directly under the lineage of Ip Man. I learned a lot from Sifu Carroll. He taught with so much passion and professionalism. He is very direct and his methods make the art easy to do. He is a very demanding Sifu and it is needed. I could not believe how strong he was for his size. His students were amazingly skilled especially the smaller ones. I am truly impressed with his methods and his teachings.

-Phil Johnson, Ph.D., Law Enforcement, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Boxing Coach, Fitness Instructor and Master’s Hall of Fame Inductee
phil with eric Leedenzell and phil
(Phillip Johnson with  master Eric Lee and Denzel Washington)
To whom it may concern:

I have worked with Mr. Dustan Carroll for eleven years at Hampton Cove Middle School as a Teacher and a Coach. I have trained with Mr. Carroll in the Martial art of Wing Chun at his kwoon. Mr. Carroll is a dedicated school Teacher and Wing Chun Instructor. Mr. Carroll teaches the Art of Self defense through Wing Chun, this form of Martial Art is designed to defend and disable your opponent in close quarters. Mr. Carroll is a very methodical and disciplined instructor. I worked Counter Drug with US Customs, US Drug Enforcement Agency, US ARMY Special Forces and the FBI during my Career as a US AIR FORCE Security Forces Team Leader and Air Force Special Operations member. I have served in Desert Shield, Bosnian Shield and Iraqi Freedom. I know that what Mr. Carroll teaches at his kwoon is appropriate for law enforcement and special operation members as well as those wanting to learn to defend themselves.

Coy T. Jones: Retired: TSGT Security Forces Team Leader, Combat Veteran

If you are searching for a place to learn self defense / martial arts, then without a doubt SiFu Carroll’s Wing Chun school is definitely the best place to learn. Wing Chun really shows you how a smaller person can easily overcome a much larger opponent. It teaches a no rules, practical and real way to defend yourself, your family and your friends from harm if ever needed. From day one I noticed how smoothly all of the techniques flowed together, and over time I began to see how much of a complete art Wing Chun is. It covers all areas and all of the “what if” situations, something that I felt other martial arts didn’t. I used to think that if your opponent got you into a certain position / lock / grapple there wasn’t an easy way to get out, SiFu Carroll quickly and simply proved me wrong. Wing Chun, for people of any gender or size, just works. If you don’t believe it, come in and give it a try!
– Anthony, College Student

As a 20 year veteran in law enforcement and a police defensive tactics instructor, I understand the importance of being prepared for acts of violence against yourself and others.  I regularly conduct community talks about reducing one’s chances of becoming a victim of a crime and preparing oneself for a physical altercation.  At the end of each talk I strongly encourage everyone to take the next step in protecting themselves and others by being involved in martial arts.   I also caution them to be careful in their search for training.  Not all martial art schools are there for the student.  Some use the uniforms, names of the school (not the art), or insignias to lure people in to simply take their money.  If they promote learning the art in a very short time frame, you may want to look elsewhere.  This is not the case with SiFu Carroll.  In my own search for taking my training to the next level, I came across Wing Chun and SiFu Carroll.  I was offered a chance take part in one of the training days for free.  The training day was for free; but, the lesson wasn’t.  I realized that even with all I knew, I was not as prepared as I thought.  I have been with SiFu Carroll almost 3 years now.  He doesn’t hold back and challenges his students with no-nonsense / real world training because he really wants us to be able to protect ourselves.I am grateful for the opportunity to learn all that he has to offer. I highly recommend SiFu Carroll at The Wing Chun Boxing Academy.

-Tommy, Law Enforcement, SWAT Team, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Range Master



(1)  I have been around some very good martial arts instructors and some of the worst. I decided to contact SiFu Carroll one day and after the conversation, I drove down to train with him on a weekend. After training with SiFu Carroll, the drive home was a quiet one due to looking back and rethinking the events of Saturday. SiFu Carroll held nothing back while training and laid it all out in front of me.  I was so impressed with Sifu Carroll’s knowledge of his art that I invited him to give others a chance to learn Wing Chun.

(When he did come) The individuals in attendance were from very diverse backgrounds. There were Police Officers, Military Operators, regular Military, Prison guards, students and many had previous extensive experience in martial arts and tactics, from MMA to masters of traditional arts.  After the first three hours everyone in attendance agreed that If you really want to learn an art that that will protect you …and you want someone that knows how to teach it, you want SIFU DUSTAN CARROLL. They say a true martial artist shouldn’t only know his martial art, but be able to use it. With this being said, Sifu Carroll is the real deal and knows his art inside and out.

-George, Law Enforcement, Combat Veteran


(2) I have trained in several different Wing Chun Schools and have seen both good and bad , teachers that want to hold you back, want more money, don’t know what they are teaching, don’t know the whole system, and so on.  I know Wing Chun is like any other art and you are always learning until the day you stop breathing.  I have been training at the White Rose Wing Chun School under SiFu Carroll from 2010 til present.  At this point in my training, I can state, without a shadow of a doubt, SiFu Carroll shows his students everything and holding nothing back from them while he teaches.  Everything he has taught me follows what he calls ” the formula” in his process of imparting the art to his students.  In the beginning, I was never able to notice all of the small nuances and minute details presented but I have come to realize the importance of them just recently. They were shown every time I trained but I was searching for larger more “secretive” things. Me finally noticing the details and finer movements of SiFu Carroll is explained by the phrase he uses, “Time in the Art.”  SiFu Carroll mentioned this to me at the very beginning of my training.  I really didn’t understand exactly what he meant until  recently.  In the beginning a new student doesn’t notice all of the movements the teacher is doing.  But over time, the student starts to see more and more of the little movements hidden in plain sight for all to see.  Just like a pair of binoculars.  When you first look through them it is blurry until you focus the lenses.  Over time Wing Chun training not only sharpens your mind and body, but also your eyes. You begin to see things differently. Your perspective in everything changes. I know that mine has.

Thank you SiFu Carroll for allowing me the privilege to train under you.

– George, Law Enforcement, Combat Veteran



You know SiFu, not to unload on you or any thing…but I would like to say thank you. I got involved with this guy who thought it was okay to hit me. (my ex….)

He head butted me one night and broke my nose… it was crazy…I am still trying to figure out how I didn’t go down from that. I mean I was seeing stars it was the hardest blow I had ever taken. I’m not going lie, it took me a second to understand what just happened…..But you see after that, he put a dvd cord around my neck and that was when I went crazy because it was life or death.  It was scary but because of what I learned from you, even years later…I was able to hurt him enough to get away and call the cops. I remember standing there with blood all over my face and all I could think of was you and what I had learned in your class… With what you taught me, I fought back and got away. I still swear to this day it was taking your class and learning some Wing Chun from you that made me not afraid and gave me the will and power to fight back. I know the Wing Chun I learned from you saved my life because he was trying to strangle me…but I just kept thinking there is no way he is going to do this to me…and somehow I got the upper hand, fought hard and used what I learned from you to get away…..THANK YOU!

Please put this on your web site because I want to see more women in self defense classes… if I have a little girl I swear she will be learning how to fight. If it’s a boy he will to but it’s so much more important for a girl to know how to save their lives, because creeps go after what they think is the weaker person. It’s so easy for a woman going up against a crazy guy like that to think “What’s the point in fighting back?” He is flat out tougher than me. And it is also so easy to end up how I did because guys that do that look normal…talk normal. I never saw it coming. He had always treated me good up till then….. I don’t know what changed him but he was going to kill me and I used the first rule of a fight that you taught me, “Fight for your Life!”


  • Gina, Female Student


I am a veteran of the Marine Corp. I was a SWAT member and currently a career police officer that has to be in “harms way” everyday I work.

I have been a student of numerous martial systems over the years, to include one of the other styles of Wing Chun. I can say in all honesty that the Wing Chun taught to me by SiFu Carroll is more street effective than any other art that I have studied. The no nonsense, reality based self defense skills that I have learned have no doubt given me that ability to protect myself, and my family should the need arise. So, If you are searching for a traditional martial art without all of the B.S. then I recommend that you seek out SiFu Carroll.

-Kerry, Law Enforcement, Military Security Forces, Marine, SWAT Team, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Range master, Bomb Squad, Combat Veteran



 This martial arts school will teach you how to save your butt in a real altercation. Wing chun, as I have come to learn it, is the most practical martial art out there. I have seen females (beginners at that) quickly grasp the techniques and concepts and heard their stories about how training at Sifu Carroll’s school saved their life! This is real self defense designed for people who are at a disadvantage in a fight, such as a smaller, weaker person. The students there are like family and welcomed me warmly when I was a newcomer. I drive over an hour to learn this awesome self defense system and it is worth every minute and dollar. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to protect themselves, regardless of age, size, or gender.

If you’re really wanting to learn Wing Chun, than this is the place you wanna be! This school is the real deal! You will learn practical self defense from day one. I highly recommend The Wing Chun Boxing Academy to anyone that wants learn REAL Wing Chun.


I entered the martial arts arena in 1972 and the law enforcement profession in 1975. I have studied Shotokan Karate, Aikido, and Okinawan  based Isshinryu. While working as a police officer I continued training in the martial arts, was on a SWAT team, and was a police instructor teaching police defense tactics, officer survival skills, basic firearms, survival firearms and physical training at the recruit and in-service levels. When I retired from Law Enforcement and moved to North Alabama, I discovered that there was no Japanese based training near where I lived. Searching for any legitimate martial arts schools in the area I discovered the Wing Chun Boxing Academy website which prompted me to research the Wing Chun Style and Instructor that taught it before observing a training session.  I liked what I saw, and with the permission of SiFu Carroll, I visited his academy. It was my intention to initially observe a class but SiFu offered me the opportunity to participate which I eagerly accepted and I was hooked. I quickly learned that although my previous training was not wasted, there was much that was missing.


Wing Chun is a combat based martial art with simple moves that are designed to quickly disable an attacker with minimum effort with a maximum effect. Body size, gender, strength or age is not a factor in the success a student can achieve. If I could turn back the hands of time I would study Wing Chun exclusively because it is an extremely flexible art with law enforcement, military and civilian applications. I was especially impressed that SiFu Carroll is a dedicated instructor with and extremely broad and deep knowledge base, high integrity, and a warrior spirit.


If you are looking for a versatile, reality based, no-nonsense, street effective combat art that anyone can learn that is taught by a dedicated instructor then the Wing Chun Boxing Academy is where you need to be and SiFu Carroll is who you need to see.

Victor, Law Enforcement, Defensive Tactics Instructor


A spectacular place for anyone looking to learn how to protect yourself efficiently. Age does not matter, I’ve seen many different people of all shapes and sizes come to learn and seen all of them take many helpful lessons away from their first day. Not only do you learn a very efficient, practical art, but you also learn how to be a better person overall. People can receive serious training in a safe environment and you will learn more than you’d ever believe you could in just one class. If you’ve never studied a martial art before, that is okay! Wing Chun is an art that anyone can pick up and if you have studied other martial arts then you will be stunned by what you see. If you want to learn the art of Wing Chun, I strongly suggest you visit SiFu Carroll and see for yourself.

Wes, College Student


If you are looking for a martial art that is practical in today’s world and is taught by an excellent teacher, then look no further. Sifu Carroll teaches his students how to fight for their life from day one. I can go on and on about this school, but the only thing to do is come and try it out. If you are looking for an art to learn how to protect yourself taught by someone who knows how to teach it, then look no further!


I have boxed, kick boxed and trained in various martial arts since I was 8 years old. Last Year a friend of mine introduced me to SiFu Carroll, a teacher of Wing Chun Kung Fu. I had the distinct pleasure and honor to have been able to train with SiFu Carroll.  Having been a fighter and martial artist most of my life and having a job where I need to use my training, I have a good understanding about what works and what doesn’t in a real life situation. Many of the techniques taught to me by SiFu Carroll were similar to techniques I had learned in the past. Yet I found them to be superior and sometimes far superior to the techniques I knew. The arts core principles make it superior to any other art I have ever trained in. the simultaneous attack and defense and the conservation of movement alone give you an edge in any fight. SiFu Carroll offers a non nonsense, no glamour approach to real life fighting. SiFu Carroll’s Wing Chun  is quick, efficient, brutal, and ruthless. Anyone out there looking to learn undiluted Wing Chun skills should seek out The Wing Chun Boxing Academy!!! SiFu Carroll’s knowledge of his art has impressed me beyond measure and I would highly recommend him as an instructor to anyone that is interested in training for real life self defense.

-T.M.,Marine, Martial Arts Instructor, Department of Corrections Officer,


The Wing Chun Boxing Academy teaches a very reliable form of self defense. From day one you start learning practical ways of defending you, or your family, from armed and unarmed attackers. The Wing Chun that is taught here is taught in an in-depth fashion by a very knowledgeable instructor (Sifu Carroll). I am greatly appreciative for what I have learned here and would HIGHLY recommend it to those interested!


The best way to explain the approach SiFu Carroll uses to teach is like the U.S. Army saying “It’s A WAY. Not THE WAY.” Adaptability is a key component in the way he teaches his students. He explains that this is a major aspect of training according to what he has learned from his current mentors in the style. You will find that he will help you personally understand the principles of the system not just the techniques. It’s not just the way he instructs but the way he handles everything. Whether we are training or just relaxing and discussing life he takes interest in his students and their personal thoughts and needs. That is why I travel from North Carolina to train with him before we go wheels up. If you want to cover your 6 seek him out.

-R.D., U.S. Army M.P., Former DOD Private Security Contractor, Combat Veteran


I train with SiFu Dustan Carroll. It is one of the most effective martial arts out there applicable, and very practical. I love it!!


With more than 20 years in martial arts and nearly that in law enforcement (local and federal), I have continually been in search of the system that will serve me best in my profession and in personal defense. Though I am still very new to the art, Sifu Carroll, has been incredibly effective in conveying the applicability of Wing Chun in personal defense and use-of-force situations. The basics of Wing Chun are intuitive and brutally effective. I would recommend looking into the art and Sifu  Carroll to anyone in law enforcement/military who could find themselves in a close quarter combat situation.

-Federal Law Enforcement Officer(name withheld due to active status and agency policy)


If you want to learn a martial are in order to defend yourself and your family then this is the place for you. Wing Chun Kung Fu is designed to be a self-defense style. It is not meant to be in a ring or a point based match system. SiFu Carroll teaches Wing Chun in a manner that it will work, even if there are multiple attackers and that they are faster and stronger then you. The curriculum is taught in a manner that focuses on core drills that are then applied to many different situations. This allows people to become capable at defending themselves, relatively quickly. SiFu Carroll is an amazing teacher with a deep understanding of Wing Chun. He teaches it in a step by step process that allows the techniques to become instinctive. If you are seriously interested in learning how to defend yourself, this is the best place to learn.


I  have studied Kick Boxing, Tang Soo Do, Capoiera, Hsing I, Ba Gua, Tai Chi and another branch of Wing Chun up to Bil Jee level.

In the 1st form alone SiFu Carroll has shown me many hidden techniques that I didn’t even know were there.In the few months that I’ve trained with SiFu Carroll he has elevated my fighting skill to another level. It’s not something that can be described in words. It’s something you have to see and feel to get the picture.

SiFu Carroll is the most talented skillful teacher I have ever had.  I’ve been studying various styles of martial arts for as long as I can remember.  I can’t remember a teacher that was as well rounded as SiFu Carroll.  Some teachers were decent fighters but couldn’t teach.  Others were good teachers but couldn’t practice what they were preaching.  SiFu Carroll is the complete opposite of this.  There has never been one thing that SiFu Carroll has taught me that he couldn’t do himself.  One of the things that impresses me about SiFu Carroll, is even at his advance skill level he is still learning and very humble.  This is what I feel is a very important virtue in a SiFu.  He treats his students as family instead of just punching bags.  Don’t get me wrong the art is definitely pounded down and my body is a testament to this.  But at the same time SiFu treats us with the same care as his own children.  I’ve never doubted SiFu Carroll’s abilities but his own SiFu (instructor) gave him the greatest complement at our last Seminar.  It was break time during the seminar and we were all sitting around relaxing for a few minutes.  This is when SiFu Carroll’s instructor said to us there were only two people in the room that had the whole art.  He said himself and that man right there, as he pointed to SiFu Carroll.  To me this would be the best recognition to get from your SiFu and this is also well deserved.

If you want to know how to defend yourself and your loved ones, you want to learn under SiFu Carroll.



December 26, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I was accepted as a student of Sifu Dustan Carrolll in 2011, and have since attended several of his Wing Chun  classes and seminars over the years, the most recent of which was in October. Our school in Memphis, which is under Sifu Dustan Carroll, hosted the seminar, which was open to Wing Chun students and others interested in self-defense. One of the many positive qualities about Sifu Carroll that make him a sought after Wing Chun instructor is his passion for teaching—speaking myself as someone with a graduate degree and experience in teaching, I recognize there is a big difference between knowing something and teaching something. In Wing Chun, Sifu Carroll bridges this gulf between knowledge and understanding. I also know him to be a man of integrity—he does not teach something he does not believe in, does not accept unearned monies, and does not associate with those who misrepresent their Wing Chun qualifications and the art itself.

During the first part of the seminar, Sifu Carroll covered self-defense scenarios applicable to the Wing Chun skills of those present, which ranged from novice to several years’ experience. His methods are very hands-on, and like those who can teach (and not just do), he makes a point of explaining the science/physiology of correct Wing Chun applications and the results of. As in previous seminars, he allowed for students to ask questions in order to clarify and expand upon their understanding, and to correct any misconceptions they may have had. With a broad range of experiences represented in his students and attendees, Sifu Carroll adjusts his teaching as the situation demands, so that everyone present is constantly in a state of learning. As an educator myself, this is often referred to as the Zone of Proximal Development—it involves coaxing the student out of the comfortable zone of what they know and into the challenging zone of what they are capable of doing. Sifu Carroll lives here.

The second part of the seminar was devoted to small group/individualized instruction. I am currently learning second form Wing Chun. Three of my WC brothers and I worked closely with Mr. Carroll during this private tutoring session, where he was an open book to all our questions about second-form material. We reviewed and honed our Chum Kiu, and went over specific self-defense applications embodied in the form. This approach to the art is something that Mr. Carroll has impressed upon me and others—the multi-layered nature of the art…the multiple meanings of movements and structure that are hidden until they suddenly become obvious. In this respect he is a Sifu in the truest sense of the title.

Sifu Dustan Carroll is an asset to Wing Chun and its future. Under the guidance and tutelage of Sifu Carroll, I have seen our Memphis Wing Chun school grow from a handful of students to over two dozen. He drinks from the same well as…, Duncan Leung, Master Ip Man, and those that came before. If you want to learn authentic no holds barred Wing Chun, I recommend Sifu Dustan Carroll….If you want to train and fight in a ring, go Google someplace else.

-Warren,Veteran Martial Artist of various styles


 If you’ll forgive a little SiFu praise, we have several law enforcement pros in our school, most of them higher-ups with high-risk duty in their pasts and years of martial arts experience, mostly MMA, prior to committing to Wing Chun. One of them travels from Birmingham, about an hour and a half away, and we have several other students, some, traveling from Memphis, which is three to three and a half hours away. My point is, SiFu Carroll’s students are smart, talented, highly-educated/experienced professionals in various fields, making it impossible for SiFu’s knowledge, skill, and teacher’s heart, to be anything less than invaluable, and in my opinion, nothing short of incredible.
-Nathan,Veteran Martial Artist of various styles, Army Veteran
I have trained in various martial arts for over 30 years and I now travel several hours to train at The Wing Chun Boxing Academy. The training at The Wing Chun Boxing Academy is the most practical and devastating art I have ever trained in for real “fight for your life” encounters. I have trained at The Wing Chun Boxing Academy for over three years now and still feel the training is well worth the drive.
-Joe,Veteran Martial Artist of various styles

Prior to coming to my first class at the Wing Chun Boxing Academy, I have to honestly say I had never heard of the art before. I knew nothing about it, not only as an art, but with regards to self-defense. I had taken self-defense classes before, practiced some “get-away” moves, but when I was actually attacked, I initially froze. I didn’t remember a thing that I had learned about my self-defense courses. What kept running through my mind was “I can’t believe this is happening to me.” I then tried to fight. I clawed, I dug my fingers into him, I tried to get away, but my attacker overpowered me. My attacker was someone that I had known and worked with for over a year at the time of the attack. When I first came to class, I was told that this was a woman’s art. That it was made for a person who was smaller than the attacker. I was skeptical. I couldn’t see initially how this obscure-sounding art could actually help me where the other self-defense courses had utterly failed me. However, I decided to keep coming to class and see if it was worth my time. Techniques and moves were explained to me. They started to make sense. The realization came to me that what this art form had that others lacked was muscle memory.  The art form made sense, but in order to apply it in real life, I would have to understand it so well as to create it into a learned muscle reflex. In addition, I have to mentally understand how the technique works in order to gain confidence in my skill. The more I learn, the more I see its value. Had I known at the time of the attack what I know now, the attack would have never been successful. When I was recently confronted with another possible altercation, this time by a woman, I was surprised by my lack of fear at the possibility of an attack. The value in this art is the peace and confidence that it gives you when facing life, allowing you to live in joy instead of fear.

-Lillia, U.S. Army, Female student, Combat Veteran


While serving in the military for three years, I assumed I would find or be taught extensive detailed martial arts training. Unfortunately, I did not accomplish this goal and had to continue my search. Upon returning home after completing my years of service, I was briefly introduced in the Chinese Martial Art of Southern Praying Mantis. However, because of my job relocating I was forced to end training.  Therefore, the search for a martial art which fit my personal needs would continue.

For thirteen years I have worked for the Department of Corrections. Twelve of those thirteen years I never considered how much of difference it meant to identify the best fighting style for every situation to which I may encounter until meeting Sifu Carroll, Ph.D., and learning his fighting system. Honestly, it’s amazing how the art of Wing Chun covers so many aspects of every different situations.

Initially, I was impatient and could not understand why my past involvement in various sports or physical talent could not increase my learning curve until I was introduce to this system. I understood immediately, size or strength and speed is not always a proper measurement to determine a specific outcome.

The work environment I encounter on a daily basis is full of individuals with the above attributes and this fighting system has given me the opportunity even at the beginning level to at least have the confidence to defend myself or help a fellow Correctional Officer who may require assistance as well.

During this journey I look forward to the challenge and opportunity it will provide me with not only as a student but as a human being as well.

Fifteen years later, thanks to Sifu Dustan Carroll, Ph.D., and his Wing Chun Boxing Academy, I have finally found the art which has provided me with not only patience and confidence but also the ability to progress with intent, detail and purpose.

-A.J., Department of Corrections Officer, Veteran


Dear SiFu Carroll,


I really enjoy your teachings. I have been in many classes of different styles in the past and the information taught by you has effortlessly surpassed the others in various ways.  When I had left one of the other classes, I felt as if I were entertained, like leaving a live show or performance; when I left your class, I felt empowered.


You taught me how to trust myself in confrontations, how to trust the art of Wing Chun, and how to lose my ego.  The odd thing about it is that I still feel that way now. SiFu Carroll, the gifts of knowledge that you passed to me during your classes are priceless.  You have the skill and capability to show others what they need to grow in the art on a case by case basis and that is a trait that is extremely difficult to come by for most students when seeking out  an educator.


When people ask me for a recommendation of which Martial Art and instructor to choose so that they may take care of themselves and protect their daughters, sons, and spouse; Wing Chun  and your name rolls off my tongue with ease. Other martial systems take a long period of time of training and practice to become effect. Wing Chun takes much less time.  One of my classmates defended himself in a real confrontation after only 3 classes!


Thank you for your time, teachings and the privilege of learning from you SiFu Carroll.

-J.C. jr., Veteran Martial Artist


The CANE fighting Portion of this seminar is based on Skills passed to me by MY SiFU, SiFU James Sasitorn, and my SiBak, SiBak Dustan Carroll, in Houston, TX and Huntsville, Alabama and as well by Robert Oakley of the The Wing Chun Boxing Academy in Alabama by Direction of my SiBak, SiBak Carroll.

This has got to be the best Cane Fighting Set I have ever seen, and was developed by my SiBak, SiFu Dustan Carroll some years ago. It is based on the movements and techniques and phiolosphies of Wing Chun, and applications from the Wing Chun Dragon Pole form and the Chinese Police Baton.

As a martial Artist I have seen many types of Cane Fighting courses…and I have the drive to spend the kind of time required to master more difficult and “Flashy” systems of Cane Fighting….


The best part about this aspect of the seminar, the Cane Fighting portions, is that it teaches a core set of skills that can be learned, remembered and employeed into action if need be, in the same day!

It is certainly…”SIMPLE…YET EFFECTIVE!” and as an Amputee, I can tell you most amputees are not in a position to take years of practice to hone the skills needed to be able to pull of most of the cane fighting stuff I have seen out there…but this course…PHENOMENAL!

I have taught this course in seminars, and at the National Extremity Games event, and have yet to meet a SINGLE AMPUTEE who was not overwhelmingly enthusiastic about what they learned in this course…or lacked the confidence after to be able to employee the techniques taught at the same effectively the same day!”



I wanted to take the time to let you know that your ongoing lessons of Wing Chun have been invaluable. I also wanted to mention the incredible experience that I had at the October seminar. The lessons there were second to none! I knew that I was going to learn quite a bit, but I did not expect that I would learn so much! The style and the way you made it seem easy to learn made learning a breeze. The more I learn about this, the more I’m realizing that Wing Chun is a lot like Chess. It doesn’t take a long time to learn a certain drill, or or a form, but it takes a lifetime to master.

With you teaching, the learning is made much easier. Also I’m sure you have heard the old saying that “Attitude is Everything”. With your attitude, and those of your students, there is absolutely none of it with anyone. Everyone there is genuinely a nice person and is easy to approach. This means a great deal and would like to thank you for the seminar, but for also cultivating this type of mind-set. Thank you again for all of your hard work, and I will see you in class soon!





I really wanted to get back in to wing chun really bad after moving back home. So I go online and find a guy in _______…I go there and there is this couple that have been taking it for two years…I think they thought I was lieing or something about knowing a little bit of kung fu..but you must have taught me well because I beat there @##…Now I never thought I was way good at kung fu or anything…but they did not know how to fight at all. And maybe I am not that good and they are just really that bad.Their  teacher asked me who I learned wing chun from…I told him your name…then added you learned from Duncan Leung lineage. All he had to say was that Duncan’s boys are tough and he knows who they are…what is dumb about the whole thing is that he said I hit too hard.

Thank you SiFu,


Female student



I have to say that what you teach really works. Even though I only trained with you for about 7 months what you taught me saved my life.

I was attacked outside of a mall in Pennsylvania and instinctively stopped my would be attacker. He wouldn’t let me in my car and tried to force me into the backseat. I didn’t have to think about what to do, my body was on auto-pilot and I hurt him  bad enough that he was lying on the ground when I drove off.

When I got home, I was in shock and had a few drinks, as I told my son about what had happened.  He wanted to know what I did and we went through it again.  He then tried to show me some moves that he had learned but I was able to stop him without thinking. What is so crazy about it all is that my son serves in the Army and is a combat veteran and I am half his size. Thank you SiFu for training me to react instinctively, without it I would have been hurt really bad. By the way my son told me to do what you taught me because it is extremely effective even after I had a few to drink.
Thank you,


Female Student




After searching for nearly 15 years for a real martial arts instructor. SiFu Carroll is much more than that. His skill far surpasses any other teacher I have ever encountered. What he teaches is simple, effective and devastating. I have spent years wasting time with multiple different styles and teachers trying to find an art and teacher that were as devastating and skilled as  SiFu Carroll and Wing Chun.

Unfortunately, I spent years believe the mainstream martial arts school and hollywood that tell you that you must learn to grapple to have an effective art. I knew this wasn’t true about a real 100% combat art. This was proven by SiFu Carroll. The reason is he teaches a no rules, no holds bar style that works. I work in a hospital and have seen what happens in the real world to a person that tries to grapple in a non-sanctioned fight where your life is on the line. You get to lay in a bed while I feed you through a straw.

This is the real deal. SiFu Carroll teaches it in a way so that any person can learn how to effectively defend themselves. His knowledge of the art is truly overwhelming. If you wish to know true self defense and want to make sure you always go home to your family, I recommend you seeking out SiFu Carroll.

Drew, Veteran Martial Artist, Martial Arts Instructor



I can’t comment on the effectiveness of Wing Chun. I am not a police officer or ex military. I am a software engineer and have been in exactly one fight in my life (while in high school).

I can comment on the quality of instruction. During the past 30 years I have studied several styles of martial arts with many teachers. Sifu Carroll and the Wing Chun Boxing Academy are the best I have experienced.

  • The classes are organized and disciplined; no wasted time, no wasted money.
  • The classes emphasize contact. It’s not bare knuckle cage match fighting but, yeah, there is a chance you could get a cut lip. You’ll survive. And that’s the point. Sifu Carroll knows that to learn self defense you need to learn the feel of contact; both giving and receiving. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
  • Sifu Carroll is a natural teacher. He has a wealth of martial arts knowledge and teaches with respect, patience, and passion. He is articulate and does not bully or humiliate any student. He is able to assess the amount of guidance that each student requires.
  • Sifu Carroll does not train you to be a martial artist. He trains you to be a martial arts instructor. Each senior student I trained with instructed me with the same patience and respect as their sifu. And that is probably the highest compliment I can give.


Josh, medical doctor



SiFu Carroll,

Being from a boxing background, I am greatly impressed with your skill and teaching abilities. I know for sure that I walk away from every lesson with a lot of wisdom, knowledge and understanding of Wing Chun, Martial Arts and how to protect myself better if need be. I  highly recommend that anyone with a hunger and interest in learning a martial skill that will help protect themselves or loved ones to seek you out as soon as they can. Thank you so much for such an awesome class environment and lessons.

-Boxing Trainer



Say all you want about which style is the best, or that it’s the fighter, not the style that matters. I’ve experienced most of them. Karate, judo, bjj, kickboxing, they’re all the same. They all require power; brute force that will destroy your body by the time you acquire it.

Now, subtlety precision, finesse, these preserve and improve the body, not to mention the mind-body connection. But don’t take my word for it. Sifu Doc Savage, SiFu Carroll’s instructor said it himself. “There are only two people in this room that have the whole art – and Dustan is one of them.” I’m inclined to believe the man since I still cannot figure out how he busted my lip with a left hook when I was staring right at him.

-Robert, Engineer




After twenty two years as a US Paratrooper, and combat vet, I thought I had pretty much seen and done most everything. Learning to fight, survive and kill if needed. I have been in the Martial Arts off and on since I was 12 and pretty much thought I could take care of myself. That was of course till I met my SiFu Dustan Carroll. We are both Army Veterans and know what it takes to survive when it comes down to it.

As a paratrooper I wish that I had more Wing Chun under my belt. As a civilian in today’s world I am glad I do. This is an Art that has no rules, has no ring but, at the end of the day if you ever have to use it you know that you can do what ever it takes. What ever it takes to get home safe and be with your family.

SiFu Carroll is a no holds barred instructor, one who deals with reality, not a staged ring environment. You will be in a realistic setting and learn not to be afraid to hit or get hit. Size makes no difference, the smallest person can take down the largest person, just a matter of knowing how. Wing Chun is not about fighting clean and fair, it is about if you have to fight, fight and walk away safe.

-Hector, Combat Veteran



I attended 2 different schools in the Kansas City area and quickly realized that there were significant variations in how each person taught, what they considered important, and how each boasted of knowing the most, teaching the best, or how their lineage made their knowledge more complete than other instructors. After having approximately 1 year of instruction I moved to Houston and found SiFu Carroll teaching Wing Chun. We quickly went through what I had learned and we talked about the differences in how he taught the first form and what would be gleaned from performing various drills.

Despite our conversation(s) the philosophy that actions speak and teach louder than words were evident. He spoke only the truth and said if you have any doubts then test yourself and test the art. After just a few classes I was doing drills and “movements” that had been considered extremely advanced and only for “upper level” students at the previous school I had attended. I had a much more complete understanding of how each part of the first form was applied in real situations and the drills SiFu taught were effective and provided a complete “package” of Wing Chun instruction. The fundamental aspects that had originally turned me onto learning Wing Chun were there again, fueled by SiFu Carroll and his desire to further learn and teach the art.

After studying with SiFu Carroll for a little less than a year I had progressed (probably) 10 times farther than I had during the previous year. SiFu Carroll’s common sense, honest, and practical approach to teaching Wing Chun and how it is applied in different situations is what learning Wing Chun is all about. Not only does his teaching instill ability; it instills confidence-both of which are needed for self defense when the time comes where you have to use it. Unfortunately, many Sifus are more interested in padding their pocket than teaching the truth of the art to other people. However, SiFu Carroll and his ability to teach Wing Chun are the real deal. It’s not about money and it’s not about teaching you how to be a martial arts competitor where rules govern your abilities. It is 100% purely effective self defense that can only be understood by being a student. The skills he teaches can be applied in any situation that presents itself in a real life situation.

If you want to learn something to keep yourself and your family safe in today’s hostile society and you’re anywhere near SiFu Carroll I would HIGHLY recommend learning Wing Chun from him. Anything less and you’re cheating yourself, your family, and you’re most likely wasting your money.

-Clark, Veteran Martial Artist





I have given it a few days to write because I was so blown away by your class.Thank you so much for the excellent class. In one session, you have allowed me to really see what works and what I have been searching for. I finally found something that is practical but effective. I realize I need to be able to apply it, but your knowledge, your passion, and the way you show us how things relate in a practical sense is amazing. Wing Chun is an art that will allow me to defend myself for real, not just in a controlled classroom. Thank you for showing me the truth about how much I have been wasting my time with other styles. Your teaching method is amazing and I am honored to be able to learn what you know. I thank you for giving me some of your time to learn an art that will allow me to defend myself with something that works, as well as all the life lessons you provide in your teaching.

-Mitch, Martial Artist of various styles



I grew up watching Bruce Lee and many other martial artists’ movies; after which, I wanted to learn and teach martial arts.

My path began in 1985, in Worms, Germany, taking up traditional Jujitsu at the local YMCA on the military base. My father received his retirement orders, and we moved prior to my testing for my black belt.

I have studied several martial arts systems since then; Taekwondo (TKD), Tai Chi, Tiger kung fu, The Art of Self Preservation (T.A.S.P.), Ving Tsun, Hapkido, Capoeira, Kali and Silat. I moved every 2 – 3 years due to my military lifestyle; it was difficult to find the same art I had taken previously.

While studying Kali, I passed by a Wing Chun school; a martial art I have always wanted to learn since I discovered that Bruce Lee used it as the basis of his fighting system, Jeet Kune Do (JKD).

After I recovered from my surgery, I started training at the Wing Chun school. I fell in love with Wing Chun instantly. I have always wanted to become a martial arts instructor, and right then, I knew what art I wanted to teach. I ceased my Kali classes. The instructor moved away and I discovered SiFu Dustan Carroll in Huntsville, AL. I went to one class with SiFu Carroll and found my true father of Wing Chun.

SiFu Carroll has taught me that Wing Chun works in any fight situation. What he teaches is as concentrated and true-to-form as he received. I have felt that great power can come from a very short distance with his very hands. What he teaches will help you to protect yourself, your loved ones and others who are unable to protect themselves. SiFu Carroll’s positive presence can be felt at a distance. He has an innate ability to teach each student what they need to strengthen their weaknesses. I highly recommend people to come and attend a class. If you are skeptical, please bring your “I believe” button, because you will press it. I travel about 3 hours from Memphis, TN, to Huntsville twice a month to take his class. Thank you for sharing the true art of Wing Chun with me,  SiFu Dustan Carroll.

-Nate, Veteran Martial Artist

NY state of mind

Simple direct and to the point is how Sifu Dustan Carroll is, from the very first call I knew I was finally going to get somewhere with Wing Chun, and it’s a beautiful thing. After having four years of JKD under my belt, I knew something was missing from my fighting art. It was time to go back to where I started at and it was Wing Chun.  At that time I didn’t get it ,I’m not pointing the finger at anyone for not getting, however I would like to say the way SiFu Carroll put the pieces together the picture is clear and that’s all that matters to me .



Earlier in my life I was always interested in martial arts, yet my parents would not let me train in any of them. Around the age of eighteen I got very interested in MMA after watching some pride fights on TV. I trained at home picking up some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu thinking I was learning how to handle myself when a friend of mine showed me Sifu Carroll’s website. I read the description on the website and instantly began looking it up on the internet. I liked what I saw and went in to Sifu Carroll’s school where I was blown away. What I learned far surpassed anything that was posted on the internet. In the first 2 weeks I had emptied my cup of every fighting notion I had before Wing Chun and began to fully believe in the only fighting style worth learning.

Over the next three months I saw and learned many amazing things. The one that stuck out the most was one Saturday morning a man came in to train with us. He was in great shape and explained to us that he was well versed in an Israeli martial art made for combat situations.  He further explained that he was licensed to teach it and was beginning a class at a martial arts school in town.  The man said he would return to train but never did. The happenings of that day further proved to me that Wing Chun is the best martial art out there.

Sifu Dustan Carroll is the most generous and knowledgeable teacher I have ever met. He will show you the way of the no nonsense, complete self defense art that is Wing Chun.



Note to readers from SiFu Carroll: I have changed this reference because it was upsetting to the instructor. In the spirit of Peace I have removed all things that ID the individual who was upset. This student and several others are willing to discuss it and what their perspectives on it are, I however am not. If this is upsetting to anyone so be it. I believe that the student’s perspective is what readers are looking for in this section. All of my references are from the students perspective except my SiFu’s at the bottom of this page. My CREDIBILITY is based on My SKILL not what others think or feel about me.



I am just a simple student of Sifu Carroll. Unlike others I have no real prior martial arts training. I came to Sifu Carroll because I was looking for authenticity and  true knowledge, and this I have found. Sifu has a depth of mastery which is clearly evident. He understands the art at its deepest levels, and can lead the student to discoveries without spoon feeding, so the student achieves a level of understanding that makes learning rapid and deep. They say one should look for a good teacher rather than a superior system, but at The Wing Chun Boxing Academy, there is both.


Medical Doctor



My journey into martial arts began with a self-defense class. I figured it would be an easy college credit and I might actually learn something. Then I decided I wanted to learn more. I began taking classes at the dojo of the self-defense teacher. In both classes we were taught basic kickboxing techniques and jiujitsu “ground fighting.” Once I had a chance to test my newly obtained knowledge, I realized what I was learning was worthless. I fell victim not only to false training but my own ego. I sought to learn something effective, something real. I found SiFu Carroll’s website and researched as much as I could about Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ip Man, and Duncan Leung. I contacted SiFu Carroll to request to observe the class. I was skeptical of the effectiveness of Wing Chun at first, but my first experience in the class changed everything. The teachings just made sense to me. With each lesson I realize more and more just how effective and important the art of Wing Chun is. SiFu Carroll knows how to apply and teach Wing Chun.  I realized even more how lucky i was to be a student of SiFu Carroll when my Kung Fu brother Robert O. asked SiGung Doc Savage at the March 2011 Seminar (at our school) who knew the entire art of Wing Chun and he replied with “There are only two people in this room that have the whole art – and Dustan is one of them.” I am so thankful to be learning from one of the few people out there that know the real and complete art of Wing Chun.





In my youth my fighting skills were limited do to how I was raised. As time went on I kicked, scratched, bit, and what not. I knew there was a better way to defend myself. I looked around and one day in 1993, I walked into Il Wong Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Academy. Mr. Kim was a 9th degree black belt from Korea. I spent my last year in Waukegan with him and never found anyone in Tae Kwon Do in San Diego I thought that would further my needs. At the special boat unit I met a couple guys that studied Wing Chun and I found it to be most effective and a more direct art, but was unable to train because of operational commitments. After retirement from the service I ran across George D. He was the son of one of my former Sunday School teachers. I slowly got to know him heard that he was studying Wing Chun. We talked. I told him I was needing a art that was effective and easier on my body do to some minor disabilities, he showed me the Wing Chun he was studying and it wasn’t the same as what I witnessed in the boat unit but it was interesting. Later he took me to where he trained but it just wasn’t what I wanted.  Then one day George called me all stoked. He had found SiFu Carroll and the background from who SiFu  Carroll had learned from. It  was what George had been looking for after leaving North Carolina. I met SiFu Carroll and  listened to him and watched what he had to offer which was just like the guys from the special boat unit that I was assigned to in the Navy. SiFu is straight forward,  no bullshit person from what I have seen and what I ‘ve trained.  He was and has always been a cordial person. I am very aware of his abilities and his strong  family orientation. I would recommend him to others for training.


Special Boat Unit U.S. Navy, Veteran Martial Artist




Although I am an older student, I am well acquainted with the martial arts. I was quite athletic in my youth and studied Judo, Boxing, Wrestling and Hapkido Karate under Grandmaster Bong Soo Han of “Billy Jack” movie fame. My friends at the time were training in Shotokan and Chinese Kempo Karate—our sparring sessions were spirited. I have experienced good and bad Wing Chun. THIS IS THE BEST WING CHUN I HAVE EVER WITNESSED.

Sifu Carroll is truly a master of Wing Chun. His depth of knowledge is unprecedented. He is an excellent and dedicated teacher who will inspire you to reach beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. His Wing Chun is direct, efficient, no holds barred scientific street fighting with techniques which leave nothing to chance.

If you are looking for an intelligent, scientific, complete martial art, and want the best teaching, then Sifu Carroll and his school is where you need to be.



Medical Doctor, Veteran Martial Artist



I am a student of philosophy. Throughout my adult life, I have explored and attended many workshops in Martial Arts: Karate, Tai Chi, Kung Fu. These workshops were beneficial but ultimately the skills and confidence in my fighting prowess did not increase significantly due to the time afforded. This is not true of Wing Chun as taught by Sifu Carroll. The effectiveness of the Wing Chun Philosophy and the techniques will induce a real confidence in one’s ability as a warrior almost immediately. Sifu Carroll is a true Wing Chun practitioner. He teaches Wing Chun in an environment which effectively increases one’s ability in self-defense in a minimal amount of time. He consistently trains the mind and body simultaneously. Moreover Sifu Carroll’s street-wise techniques and philosophy will not impede with age. As a student over the age of fifty years, I am confident that the lessons will serve me for many years to come.

-Older Student



I learned about Wing Chun while looking at various martial art schools in Huntsville after becoming interested in MMA. MMA wasn’t nearly as interesting after just one class with SiFu Carroll. Within a few weeks I was learning how to fight armed attackers, how to fight multiple attackers, and more. One time in class SiFu Carroll had three of us attack him while he was on his back on the ground and he easily ended the threat within seconds. All of this was great because I had a three month trip to South Africa(the murder capitol of the world) coming up and my training meant that I didn’t have to worry and I could focus on what I needed to. If you want to learn how to defend yourself from whatever might happen, SiFu Carroll is the one to learn from. Nothing else compares.



My Experiences with SiFu Carroll

After Meeting at U.N.A. we discussed that we both had the same sifu in Jeet Kune Do (Sifu Wildman) just at different times. As he was advancing in J.K.D. he asked if I would practice and study with him. At the time I eagerly agreed not knowing the adventure I was then entering upon. I soon found him to be competent and well educated and a very good Sifu of the art of JKD. My regrets only came when we were working on the five point star drill or when he would close his eyes and have me attack. During both of those I knew it was going to hurt like skydiving without a parachute.

Later SiFu Carroll was teaching a martial arts class in the athletics dept. at U.N.A., and challengers from a plethora of styles came out of the woodwork to challenge SiFu Carroll. The lucky ones limped away. There was however a grappler (BJJ) who ran his mouth a lot. As usual SiFu would say, “That’s nice, show me.” Finally after weeks of endless chatter about the perfection of his art (The BJJ guy), SiFu agreed to a “light spar”. This one I had to see even though I knew the outcome. Several of us met in an upper unused hall of our student center. SiFu then said, “Put me however you like. As a matter of fact put me where you have the greatest advantage.” He had SiFu lay on the ground and proceeded to wrap SiFu Carroll up like a Christmas present with his arms and legs. At that point from under the mass tangle I heard SiFu say in a monotone voice, “Are you ready?” The BJJ guy said “Now!” Not even a millisecond later I heard a little girl scream and yell, “Get off me B****!!” It took a second to realize it was the grappler who was moving away at light speed and that it was his voice that I heard three octaves higher than normal. For some reason I never saw him again.

After moving to Texas and After SiFu Carroll had discovered the deadly art of Wing Chun Kung Fu he was holding class in the weight room at the apartment complex we both lived in. Just like before, along came another nay-sayer. Only this time it was a 6’3” 325lb. Prison guard, named Bobby, who was working with fifty-pound dumbbells as if they were soda cans. He looked on with mild interest and the look in his eye said I want to try this little man and embarrass him in front of his students. SiFu had placed me with another student to work on technique when Bobby asked to try his hand. As Bobby stood head and shoulders taller than SiFu and he kept saying, “That won’t work in a real fight like prison.” So SiFu finally said, “ Try me.”  Bobby wadded up his fist and swung as fast and hard as he could at SiFu. Bobby’s arm was gigantic and it cut threw the air with an audible noise. At this point everyone had stopped and was watching. All at once there was a sound like a steak hitting the counter and another sound like a green branch snapping. It was a sickening smack and crack. With everyone watching, hearts racing, and breaths held we saw Bobby hastily sit down, turn green and start to fight the urge to empty his stomach. For a while I really thought we were going to have to call 911. SiFu on the other hand was urging us to get back to training. We all trained harder that night because we had witnessed the true effects of Wing Chun under SiFu Carroll.

I trained with SiFu off and on as my finances would allow. He is a person to seek out if you want to learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones.


Student from 1998 and 2003

 I started my martial arts journey in 1990 with Memphis Taekwondo University. I dropped out after 3 years, got married, and started working in the music business. I moved to Florida 1995 and re-started Taekwondo with Park’s Taekwondo Federation in Pompano Beach, where I received my 1st DAN in 1999.  While teaching Taekwondo and preparing for my 2nd DAN test, I started taking JKD to learn hand techniques. It wasn’t long before I stopped all martial arts and went back into the music business. It was there that I realized that most fights are close quarters, and my Taekwondo kicks were not very effective in a crowd. So I started looking for a complete system that could make me a more effective fighter, that way I would never have to doubt myself in any situation. I was referred to Sifu Carroll in Alabama, so I decided to go and see for myself. After one class with Sifu Carroll, I knew I had to learn this system. I had never enjoyed so much pain and joy at the same time!


Veteran Martial Artist



As a person who has never had any martial arts training, except a karate class as a kid, I was uncertain whether or not I would be successful in class that taught such a dangerously reputable art as Wing Chun. Having been a Bruce Lee fan for many years, I decided to look into learning Wing Chun to defend and better myself. I cannot describe the surprise and satisfaction I experienced under the guidance of SiFu Carroll. The efficiency and practicality of this martial art is incredible. Nothing I have seen is more brutally direct. After only two months of training my self confidence is much higher. I am no longer the modest pacifist I used to be, but I still have more to learn.
Today, MMA is the big thing. I still watch some professional fights for entertainment but see it in a totally different light. These guys wouldn’t know what hit them if they encountered a man (or woman) with half the experience of SiFu Carroll. I researched martial arts instructors quite extensively and have found no other Wing Chun teacher in the region with the lineage and impressive background of Dustan Carroll. If you are willing to fight for your life, this is where you need to be.




I have been a student of martial arts over 20 years. I have studied Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Ninjitsu, Eagle Claw Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Dim Mok. I have worked as a bouncer and in other jobs that required me to use my martial arts skills to protect.

SiFu Carroll is the best instructor I have ever met or learned from. He teaches the most effective art I have ever seen. Wing Chun Boxing is like smoke; formless, shapeless, you can see it but cannot touch or harm the person using it.I was skeptical at first but I am true beliver now.

The Wing Chun he teaches is not like the Wing Chun that is so commercialized or mixed up with other arts such as Kali. Wing Chun is a complete art when it is taught correctly.

SiFu teaches his students discipline of mind and body. I hurt my shoulder and my right arm in an altercation. SiFu showed me how to fight without using my hands. He explained that in the middle of my difficulties lies opportunity. SiFu Carroll is a true teacher.

If you want a great martial arts teacher that is not a jack of all trades but a true master, SiFu Carroll is the only one you want to learn from.


Veteran Martial Artist



Prior to beginning my study of Wing Chun, I studied two other martial arts: Shotokan Karate and Haganah.

At the end of the first year of training in Shotokan, we were welcoming new students and my instructor said, “You won’t learn enough in the first year to fight anybody.” That was when I began to ask myself, “Why am I here?”

SiFu Carroll told me something entirely different. He told me, “By the time you get to the first form test, you will know you can fight.” I can honestly say that I am better prepared to fight than I ever have been before.

Wing Chun is different in other ways too. In Karate we were always talking about the dojo. A dojo is a place. Our teacher was called Sensei, which means “teacher”. When you study Wing Chun, you join a family.

SiFu literally means “Father”. There’s nothing spectacular about the place we practice, but SiFu is spectacular. He’s just like a real father: gruff when he needs to be, patient when he needs to be, with a thorough grasp of what we need to learn, and a desire to see us grow into the art.


Veteran Martial Artist



SiFu Carroll is a great instructor. He teaches real skills-in a way applicable to your learning style. I was practicing Taekwondo and seeking other martial arts for several years prior to being introduced to Wing Chun by SiFu Carroll where my search ended. Needless to say I am enlightened to the efficiency and practicality he has presented. He teaches…the real way, the right way and I am grateful for his patience and sharing of the ART.



Over the last seventeen plus years I have studied three major contrasting styles; Ishinryu (a karate style based on simplicity), western boxing, and an aikido-based Japanese jujitsu.  It wasn’t until I started training under SiFu Carroll in Wing Chun that I truly started to learn how to defend myself in actual combat. The only thing I had learned before was how to ring fight.  SiFu Carroll teaches a Wing Chun style that is very quick and aggressive, so much so that the attacker is completely off balance and defeated within seconds.  SiFu Carroll’s teaching method is unparalleled. You won’t regret learning under him.


Veteran Martial Artist



I met SiFu Carroll while training in MMA in Huntsville. He quickly opened my eyes to the misrepresentations inside the MMA teachings. SiFu Carroll teaches his students to use common sense and not to just follow blindly. MMA is a sport not a self-defense art… that was evident when SiFu Carroll explained the effects of rules and sport mentality/training versus street “Fight for your life!” mentality and training. He is the real deal. If you want to learn how to effectively defend yourself and your loved ones see him.


Law Enforcement, MMA Coach


“You are real and that is what makes everything you teach so valuable. You have made it possible for me to go out without fear. It means so much to me. Thank you !”-G.H.


“SiFu Carroll is the person to learn from if you want to learn how to handle yourself. What he teaches is what everyone is looking for but can’t seem to find.Wing Chun is the art you want to learn and SiFu Carroll is the one you want to teach you.”


I have known SiFu Dustan Carroll for five years.  I have studied under him for the past three.  I met him at the High School where we both taught.  I was a middle-aged, mild mannered history teacher who dreaded conflict of any kind.

As a veteran teacher with a master’s degree in education, I am qualified to judge SiFu Carroll’s teaching ability.  I was impressed by his creativity and classroom management as a teacher of high school students.  When I began to train under him, I saw he used the same skills teaching Wing Chun that he did in the classroom, and with equal success.

At 48, I am still teaching, but no longer mild mannered.  I no longer feel compelled to back down in a touchy situation.  I have the confidence to look potential trouble in the eye, knowing I have the skills to meet any attack, physical or other.

I have not undergone rigorous strength training, I’m still middle-aged and out of shape.  But I have learned the techniques and tactics I need to know I can take care of myself and my family.

My Sincerest Thanks and Respect to SiFu Dustan Carroll,


Professional Educator


Dustan Carroll has been my SiFu for three years.

I studied Tae Kwon Do when I was younger and had to defend myself several times but I wanted to learn a more effective martial art. When I began to train with Dustan Carroll, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Wing Chun is the real thing. It is not a martial arts “belt mill,” but a true fighting art that focuses on winning fights, not looking good. Since I began to train Wing Chun I am much more confident and in control. I know I can take care of myself in a fight and send the other guy home on a board if that is what I have to do.

Dustan Carroll is a great SiFu. He teaches the art as it was designed to be used, and I want to thank him for teaching me what I now know.





I wanted to say that you must be one hell of a teacher. One of your students handed me my a## the other day. Keep in mind that I am over six foot tall and weigh over 250 lbs. I have challenged other martial artists in town and can break cinder blocks with my fist. I met your students at the Koffee Klotch here in town. The girl keep talking about Wing Chun and how effective it was but I told her that nothing was that effective. She dared me to attack her. Now she is maybe 100 lbs and just a little over 5 feet tall. When she said she would kick my a_ _ and do it slow,  I decided to teach her a little lesson. She didn’t give me time to scream before she hit me 6 or 7  times as I was falling to the ground.  I have never seen or felt anything so painful before in my life. I just wanted to contact you and tell you that as soon as I can get my finances together I want to train with you.


Martial Artist



I just wanted to take a moment and say that through the training I have been receiving my life has changed. As someone who experienced other arts at a young age and never really found anything that applied to my entire life not just a specific scenario. I greatly appreciate the gift that is being given to me through Sifu Carroll. Not only does he teach us the art in the physical but in our every movements and thoughts. I want to express my gratitude for him and those that paved the way prior, for this knowledge to become open to me.

Thank You