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We are located in the Element Dance Studio (262 Miller Ln.,  Owens Crossroads, Alabama).

White Rose Wing Chun is a no nonsense form of Chinese Kung Fu that assumes no quarter, has no rules and seeks to achieve the maximum amount of damage using a minimum amount of energy. At the White Rose, we teach the complete fighting art of  Wing Chun Kung Fu as it was meant to be taught…as a  Simple, Practical, and Street Effective Self-Defense Art.

The Wing Chun style is an extremely aggressive one with explosive counter attacks. It was created by two women in a time of lawlessness and revolution. They needed and created a system that used the opponent’s own power against them to increase the impact of their strikes and ultimately defeat the would be attacker with his own force. They weren’t playing by rules and were not concerned with sport application or referees. They used their art, this art, as a means to survive their violent times. Wing Chun was designed as a highly effective self-defense art for smaller, weaker individuals to use in life or death situations. The testament to its effectiveness and simplicity is that Bruce Lee used it as the foundation and or nucleus of his own personal art, Jeet Kune Do (JKD).  Currently, we are looking for male and female participants who want to learn how to defend themselves effectively.

If you are interested in observing, being considered for enrollment, or if you would like to discuss your options in learning this art, please arrange a visit via telephone in advance of one of our scheduled classes.

Huntsville, Alabama Location

256-679-7839 or 

Memphis, Tennessee Location

901-484-3787 or

754-264-2051 or

901-848-0066 or  

Sterling, Illinois Location

815-441-5755 or 

Houghton, Michigan Location

 (256)682-5640 or


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*We reserve the right to choose our students.