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Pure Self Defense ℠

 A thorn defends the rose, harming only those that would steal the blossom- Chinese Proverb

Featured in issue #20 of Wing Chun Illustrated!

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White Rose Wing Chun is dedicated to training, teaching and promoting the self defense martial art of Wing Chun Kung Fu (Wing Chun Kuen, Wing Chun Boxing, Ving Tsun, 詠春).

We take the art of self defense to its most fundamental level,  training as we are in our every day lives, wearing street clothes with a school t shirt, avoiding acrobatic moves/ high flashy kicks or anything that will not be useful in a real life situation. We don’t train against each other, we train with each other! Set up an appointment to see what we offer.

We do not operate like a typical school or business.  We are a Kwoon 館, the traditional Chinese term for a martial arts training hall. As a Kwoon, we are structured more like a second home or a family. We are a training academy that is comprised of members who make a sincere commitment to support each other’s progress both in learning the art of Wing Chun and in our daily lives.Anyone interested in joining our Kwoon needs to call and set up an appointment to participate in a free introductory class ( a waiver of liability must be signed to attend).

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We are currently accepting new students.
If you are interested in learning an art that was designed purely for Self Defense, please contact us at 


Huntsville, Alabama Location

256-679-7839 or 


Memphis, Tennessee Location

901-484-3787 or

754-264-2051 or



Sterling, Illinois Location

815-441-5755 or 

(Sorry No Walk-Ins Allowed.)

Please enjoy the new information that has been added and check back often because we will be adding more information in the future.


*We reserve the right to choose our students.