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White Rose Wing Chun Boxing®



We  teach a no nonsense knife and spear based system of Chinese Kung Fu that seeks to achieve the maximum amount of damage using the minimum amount of energy. Our fighting art focuses on practical combat skills  in all ranges (Kicking, Striking, “Trapping”, and Grappling). The style of Kung Fu we teach is a martial art or art of war, 武精, not a sport.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is an extremely dynamic martial art. It is noted for its practicality, simplicity, and devastating effectiveness in combat. It is perfect for all situations and ranges because it uses position and angle to overcome an opponent’s brute strength. It is one of the highest forms of martial arts to come out of the Shaolin temple, because it contains within its forms all the other forms and methods taught at Shaolin.  Wing Chun is an internal art as well using the concepts and methods of yielding to force like the softer arts of WuDang, China.  From its conception, Wing Chun was designed  as a personal protection art for use in life or death situations, so much so that Bruce Lee used it as the foundation of his art Jeet Kune Do (JKD).

If you are  interested in observing, being considered for enrollment, or if you would like to discuss any of our ideas or your own, contact us at

256-679-7839 or

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