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A thorn defends the rose, harming only those that would steal the blossom- Chinese Proverb


Welcome to The White Rose Wing Chun Boxing Academy, aka The Wing Chun Boxing Academy of Huntsville, Alabama. We are located in Hampton Cove, Alabama (Huntsville area). We are a private school that focuses on training the applications of the Chinese Self Defense System known as Wing Chun Kung Fu. We do not teach any other style or system but have many students with various backgrounds in other martial arts.

If you are interested in observing, being considered for enrollment, or if you would like to discuss any of our ideas or your own, please arrange a visit in advance of one of our scheduled classes by calling 256-679-7839. Be assured that all sincere and respectful inquiries are welcome.


We will be uploading more pictures and information periodically so please check back often.


We are currently accepting new students.
If you are interested in learning more about what we offer, please contact us at 

256-679-7839 or

Are you looking for Wing Chun in Memphis Tennessee?

Canotact 901-484-3787 or

for more info.

(Sorry No Walk-Ins Allowed.)

*We reserve the right to choose our students.