bb tieDustan Carroll, the Owner and Chief Instructor of The Wing Chun Boxing Academy™ LLC, is a practitioner and instructor of Wing Chun Gung Fu in the Yip Man/Duncan Leung lineage*. He has instructed others in Wing Chun since 2004.

While serving in the U.S. Army in 1994, and searching for a Tai Chi Chuan instructor, he was introduced to Wing Chun by SiFu David W. Meadows, a disciple of SiFu Duncan Leung. After being given a couple of lessons in the effectiveness of Wing Chun, he wanted to learn all he could.

However, luck was not on his side because he suffered an injury during military maneuvers that ultimately led to his discharge from the U.S. Army and leaving the Norfolk area.

Before leaving the Norfolk, VA. area, he discussed training Wing Chun in his home state with SiGung Leung hoping that Master Leung would know of an instructor there. Master Leung did not know of any in Mississippi. However, he was able to study Jeet Kune Do, which he trained to instructor status. He also trained in Aiki-Jitsu, Combat Knife Fighting, Muay Thai, Arnis and Kempo.

After college, Mr. Carroll moved to Houston, Texas, and began training multiple Gung Fu styles, but still could not find what he had seen and experienced in Norfolk. After becoming an assistant instructor in Houston, he began a quest to learn the total Wing Chun Gung Fu system that was taught by SiFu Duncan Leung and SiFu Dave Meadows. Using SiFu Leung’s website, he contacted a former student of Duncan Leung and formal disciple of SiFu Dave Meadows. He began training as a private student and “formal disciple” shortly thereafter. 

In 2006, after relocating to Huntsville, AL, he established a new school under the name of  The Wing Chun Boxing Academy™. He has given instruction to a  wide variety of students with a plethora of knowledge in various martial arts (including competitive, military and self defense based arts and styles).

Mr. Carroll was recognized for his understanding of the Wing Chun system by his  first instructor in the Duncan Leung Family Style in 2006. Mr. Carroll and his first instructor had a personal falling out in 2011 and no longer associate with one another. Mr. Carroll has since continued his education in the Duncan Leung Family Style of Wing Chun with other members of the family as his mentors. He considers himself a life long learner and promotes others to do the same.

He has also received several honors from multiple professionals and organizations within the martial arts community. He most values all that he has learned from his friends and Gung fu family.







*We reserve the right to choose our students.